You don’t have to bring your computer to a shop!

I can visit your home or office, and in most cases, deal with the problem in situ. For more difficult problems, or “clean installation” of the Operating System, I would take the machine away and return it within a few working days.

Working area

Although I am based near Winchester, I am prepared to travel within a 15-mile radius of Winchester. I also provide remote access support over the Internet, if required: there are no distance limitations for this kind of support for providing tuition, organising files, updating software, etc.

Success rate

I don’t know everything! But, if I cannot immediately provide an answer, I will endeavour to find a solution: I do not give up easily!  There have been very few issues for which I didn’t eventually find a workable solution:  I have hundreds of satisfied customers.


I can repair desk-top PCs, lap-tops (eg broken screens) and netbooks.

I can build computers to order and personalised specifications. I also refurbish some better second-hand machines, and these are made available at very reasonable prices. I also can provide verbal and written guidance and advice prior to purchase of equipment, eg laptops, printers and routers.

I can upgrade computers with bigger hard-drives, more Random Access Memory (RAM), additional CD/DVD drives etc.