Does your computer run very slowly or get stuck?

I can usually improve the performance of older computers, so please consider a renovation before you throw out your ailing PC – it will cost a fraction of getting a new machine.

Is your computer failing to start up, or seems to have a virus?

I can sort out most problems involving Windows XP, Vista and W7. I can usually clean a PC of viruses and restore corrupted files.

Do you need help setting up a home network?

I can provide guidance and support to setting up a broadband connection and a home, or small business, network. I can take into account your own particular situation and requirements to provide the most efficient and neatest solution, using wired and wireless technologies.

Do you need some wiring done?

I can install neat data or telephone wiring for your home or office, if required. I can make data cables of any length to order – just ask for a quote.

Do you think you have lost valuable data?

This may be due to a failing hard-drive or a computer that won’t start up. In a majority of cases, I can usually recover personal data. I cannot provide this service if the hard-drive has been severely damaged.

Do you need some computer tuition?

I can provide personalised lessons on basic Windows skills, the use of emails, use of scanners/printers, basic Microsoft Word and Excel.

Do you need a website made?

From a basic 1 page site to a multi page e-commerce site, I can offer a clean, fast site at good rates.